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  • … People who walk the world, and as they move the world, they can not, literally,’ be arrested ‘. There is nothing to do. There is nothing stronger than the people who walk around the world with their own desperation as their strength … ‘
  • Gianmaria Testa after Erri De Luca | France Inter Eclectik Sunday, May 10, 2009


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moi, moi-même Je

me, myself and I

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B ! “Women are too often insulted, threatened and belittled in often unbearable but sadly common ways, because of their gender. De Guerrières, Faire des Guerrières replaces insults like “whore”, “bitch” or “bitch” with the word “warrior” and pulls the rug out from under the feet of hatred on the Internet. Does this fix the underlying problem? No. Will hateful comments, angry posts, and social media conversations be more fun? We hope so !.”
examples: kind of whore, big slut, pov’ bitch, bitch.